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Victorywriters.com is recognized as the top essay writing company across the internet. We are the most reliable and 100% legit. Our clients are always guaranteed of well-researched papers, 100% original content and well-formatted papers which translates to A grades. We have a pool of academic writing professionals who are experts in different academic fields and levels. Our writers are Native English speakers. Try our services and you will always come back for more.Place an order with us and get the grades you deserve, an A if not an A+.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the services offered by your company?

At Victorywriters.com, we offer essay writing services; we write from the scratch, edit and rewrite for our clients. Further clarification about our services can be given by our support team. We write research papers, essays, term papers, dissertations, coursework as well as article and book reviews for all academic levels from high school to Ph.D. We keenly follow the instructions of your order and deliver first class papers, strictly within your specified time frame.

Are the clients allowed to provide their specific sources?

Our clients are allowed to provide their own sources to the writers if they want their order to be completed using specific sources. The clients should provide us with their sources on the paper description part or just upload the document in form of an attachment.

Can a client contact his /her writer?

Clients can contact their writers after logging in to the site through an email. In a case where a writer is in need of some clarification, they will contact you through the same way.

How do I know the amount I should pay for an order?

By visit5ing our prices page, you can easily budget for your order depending on the urgency of the order. Go through the price list.

Is there any probability for anyone to know that I am using your service?

The privacy of your information is 100% guaranteed. We do use emails to communicate with you and always ensure the confidentiality of your information. Not even a writer will know your real identity. We send you a complete paper and nobody else can be able to see it, you only.

How do I know the number of pages to order?

Usually, a page contains an average of 275 words. Therefore, you can divide the number of words with 275 to know the number of pages to order.

What happens if I am not satisfied with my order and I need a refund?

Our professional team of academic writers usually provide quality work. We do guarantee that if a client is not satisfied, the writer revises the order until the client is totally satisfied. As well, the client has a right to ask for the reassignment of his /her order to another writer if the first writer fails to meet the expectations. However, we ensure 100% customer satisfaction to avoid incidences.

If your question is not listed above, contact our support for more clarification on any of your inquiries.